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June at Kerswell Farm

June is a beautiful month and particularly special with all the wonderful wild flowers blooming at Kerswell Farm. The early purple orchids are particularly good this year with hundreds now flowering in the culm grassland, together with campions, foxgloves, ragged robin, buttercups, meadow thistles and many more. Our hard work on the lakes in the Autumn has paid off, and the various different irises and water lilies are flowering beautifully. The fish are very active and shoals of tiny fry are all around the water’s edge. Damsel flies and several types of dragonflies dart around the flowers and grasses at the margins.

The barn owls are nesting here again, and as we have seen them hunting in the middle of the day, they must have a hungry brood to feed! So many young birds to watch, sometimes it’s difficult to get anything done!

Work on Kerswell Barn is progressing well with the kitchen fitted and looking fabulous. A new woodburning stove is in the sitting room, with new windows and wide slate windowsills throughout. We’ll be starting on the bathroom and bedrooms downstairs next week, but there’s still a lot to do to bring it up to the standard we expect, so we are now taking bookings from 1st September. We already have bookings in September and October though, so it will be finished by then!